How to See Other People’s Subscribers on Youtube

On Youtube, you might have seen that you can only view the Subscriber counts of other channels. There is no such option for viewing that whom these channels are subscribing. You can see only when the Channel owner has not used the privacy.

Whenever you open someone’s channel you can only view their subscriber count, not the list to whom they’ve subscribed. But here in this article, we are going to share some tricks with you by which you can view the subscriber’s list of any channel.

see others subscribers on youtube

View Subscribers of Channels on Youtube

There are various ways to check the subscribers count and we have shared some of the best ways to check the subscribers count. Have a look at the methods shared below carefully.

View Subscriber Count of Other Channels

  • Open Youtube and Sign In to your account. Click on My Subscriptions.
  • Look for the Channel whose subscribers you want to see.
  • At the right side of the Channel page, you can see how many subscribers they have.
  • Now from here, you can subscribe to their channel.

As there is no such official way to see who are the subscribers of the channel but there is a way by which you can see whom they’re following from their channel.

Find Which Channel They’ve Subscribed To

  • Visit the channel section whose subscriber you want to find.
  • Now click on the Channels tab at the top sidebar.
  • Now under the Featured Channels, you will see that whom they’ve subscribed to.
  • You can also find the Channels list in the About Section.
  • It will work only when they have changed their privacy to everyone.

Check Your Subscribers

  • Open your Youtube account.
  • Move to Creator Studio section.
  • At the left side click on Commnuity and then choose Subscribers.
  • Now from here, you can check who has subscribed your channel.

Let Other People See your Subscribers

If you want other people to see your subscribers then you can change privacy settings and other people would be able to look at your subscribers.

  • Log In to your Youtube account.
  • Open My Channel.
  • Now click on Settings Icon in front of Subscribe button.
  • From there you have to uncheck Keep all my subscribers private.
  • That’s it, Now everyone would be able to who you’ve subscribed to.


This was a guide to check other people’s youtube subscribers. If you are having any trouble in finding subscribers of other people or have any query related to Youtube then please feel free to ask in the comments section below. We would be happy to hear from you.

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